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  • Can I place an order over the phone or verbally?
    Yes. We take verbal orders, but must have a written "paperwork" trail to follow and keep track of.
  • Do you engrave jewelry?
    Typically no (there have been exceptions). We usually recommend that you contact a jeweler.
  • Do you engrave guns?
    No. Please contact a machine shop or gunsmith.
  • How much will my engraving cost?
    There is a $15.00 set-up fee to target in the area that needs to be engraved. If you have multiple items the same size, shape, and area to be engraved it is a one time fee. If you have more than one area on an item or different items, each would require the setup fee. Also, since we charge by run time in the machine and we won't know how long your engraving would take until its finished I can only give you a rough estimate.
  • How large of an item can be engraved?
    Our laser engraver can engrave items up to 18" x 32"" and up to 8" high. Our mechanical engraver has a slide through bed and can engrave items 12" x 12"+ and up to 3" high. Our heat press can handle images up to 11" X 17" at one time/press
  • How long will it take to engrave my item(s)?
    We try to strive for a 3-5 days turnaround time. Large quantity items may take longer, as well as items that need to be ordered. We can do same day engraving, if we have the item(s) in stock or on hand, for an additional rush charge.
  • What if the item is not in your inventory and needs to be ordered?
    We can usually get items ordered within a day from our regular suppliers if the warehouse has it in stock.
  • What format does my file need to be in?
    We can work with all images, but we prefer vector format files in .ai, .eps, .pdf. Vector formats work best as they do not distort when re-sizing and they also have clean edges, whereas raster format files are pixilated so they don't have clean edges and do not come out as well when engraved and do distort if resized. If you are unsure what these two file formats are please see Wikipedia's image file format page.
  • Do you engrave photographs?
    Yes, we can laser engrave and sublimate photos, but photographs need to have good contrast and high resolution to work well. It is suggested that photographs be at least 300 dpi. Also, most photographs typically need to be reworked in some way to allow good engraving which will be a fee of $20.00 per hour of work time with a one-hour minimum.
  • What is laser marking?
    Laser Marking Material (LMM) such as Cermark, or Thermark is applied to the item, wherever the laser hits the LMM a reaction is created where the LMM bonds to the material creating a permanent black mark. LMM Cermark works on stainless steel, aluminum, tin, copper, brass, chromed steel, titanium, tungsten carbide and lead-coated steel. The material is also expected to work on niobium, tantalum, silver, gold, palladium, platinum and pewter. It will not work on metals that already have a coating on them, such as a clear coat or lacquer. Marks on metal have withstood military lubricants, salt water spray, high heat and abrasion tests.
  • What material can be laser engraved?
    Below are just a few of the materials that can be laser engraved, cut, or marked with our CO2 Laser. that the marking process requires the use of a Laser Marking Material (LMM) such as Cermark or Thermark
  • What material cannot be laser engraved?
    PVC coated or constructed items cannot be laser engraved, they will produce a gas that will damage the laser.
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